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Thread: Valkyria Chronicles anime

  1. Valkyria Chronicles anime

    Yes, I know, it's in the anime forum so it doesn't need anime added on to the thread title.

    Anyway, I watched episode 1 and was completely underwhelmed. I'll give it a chance but so far, the story presentation in the game looks like it's going to blow the anime away. That's pretty sad seeing as tv is a storytelling medium and gaming just uses story as a way to string one action sequence to another.


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    pm me where you found it to "buy"

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    follow this easy flowchart

    is it anime? -> yes -> it sucks
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    mzo, you're so old hat. TNL has grown even past its hate of anime. We've now moved on into apathy of everything that isn't various TNLers getting laid.

  5. Is this a hentai with Alicia?

    I'd be down for that.
    Boo, Hiss.

  6. Had a spare 20+ minutes to watch the second episode. I honestly don't understand why this sucks so much. They had the entire thing storyboarded out in the video game and decided it wasn't retarded enough. "I'm not joining the army to fight, I'm joining to end the fighting." Is it possible to set an .avi on fire?


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    if there is a love story between him, Alica, and Blis, Macross rip off confirmed.


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