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Thread: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  1. I'm getting back on to try Assault class + shotgun + C4.

    Assault class gets ammo bags so that should mean infinite C4!

    Also, I read you can load up C4 on the UAV 'copter and then crash land it into crates to do damage.

  2. Here's a thread for those who are having issues with the PC version:

    Basically, the game tries to run everything through your processor and all but ignores your GPU. The CPU usage is near a 100 percent, but GPU usage is only around 30 percent.

    Dice has ALOT of optimization to do since it looks to be the dirtiest of console to PC ports

  3. yeah. :[

    Sucks, too, because the beta is pretty fun. I just wish I could feel like I wasn't playing 4-player split-screen Halo in terms of framerate.

  4. Sucks for the PC folks. I am having a blast with the 360 demo. Destro, friends, and I just raped for a good hours or so. The opposing team couldn't even get off the first hill, yet we had no trouble blowing up every single crate.

    I have a new love for the medic class. You have some awesome guns, and you can revive fallen teammates thus negating the ticket loss their death would have had. Also, having a good squad who marks tanks with tracers makes playing engy even better. While a month seems too long to wait for this game, I have no quarrels just playing the demo map over and over.

  5. Wasnt too much trouble to get 2 squads of 4 into the same server. With that kind of coordination our team was unstoppable. So much fun. I wonder if it will be tough to get 12 friends on the same team - looks like you might need just a bit of patience for it to open up.

    I see no reason why this game wont end up the best console teamplay online FPS ever. Its that good. This map alone has that timeless battlefield feel to it - and the other levels look just as good. The variety of the environments is going to be awesome.
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  6. I won't say the game is perfect, but it is a major step up from BC1. So much is right with this game. I can guarantee that I will be playing this playing this game for a long time.

  7. Just got 18 dogtags in one round ! Almost at 100 now

  8. Played this some tonight with Cap, Mog and Bacon. It impressed me enough to take a long look at it, but I'll be waiting for the first patch. Battlefield has enticed me before with awesome demos that turned into clusterfucks upon release, so I'll be waiting.

  9. I wouldn't worry about the 360 version so much. They seem to have the server problems from BC1 and 1943 solved (MOAR SERVARS, RATARDS) The PC version is the one I'm worried about.

  10. Anyone still playing the 360 demo? Finally got around to putting it on.
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