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Thread: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  1. Some new gameplay footage that makes my penis hard :

  2. Yeah this looks awesome.

    I'm in day one on the 360.

  3. I've went back and played some BC 1 and Its still a blast. Its funny how bad some people are in this game. Still clueless. Still getting good matches to even out the bad matches. Goin in !

  4. BC 1 would be fun if it wasn't for all the garbage. BC 2 day 1 though for sure.

  5. I just hate how some of the BC 1 maps are totally skewed to one team's advantage.

    That and the ridiculous spotting system are why I stopped playing it.

  6. Did you ever play the conquest mode ? Its alot more fun.

  7. Despite my problems with the game, I am in dire need of something new, and cheap, to play, so I am gonna try to pick this up today.

  8. Be sure to download conquest mode. Its free...

  9. Did they ever add new conquest maps? I think there was what, three of them total?

    It's a decent mode, but the lack of maps kind of killed it in this game.

    Besides, I like the strategy that goes into Goldrush a lot more.

  10. 8 conquest and 8 gold rush now.

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