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Thread: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    Son of a bitch....

    If the PS3 let me use a mouse and keyboard for this game, I'd go buy one tomorrow. But if you want to play BF:BC2 in november, you gotta have a PS3.

  2. Boo to the PS3 only beta. Looks like Sony tossed them some money for that. Thats horseshit man. I aint buying one of those till theyre 100 bucks.
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  3. This game looks ready to rape MW2.

    Shame it won't be out 'til next year.

  4. Dang that Africa Harbour video is incredible. Sounds like MW2 may be a tiny bit of a disappointment. Time for the Battlefield series to sweep in for the kill. I cant wait to see the other maps. They are really keeping things secret up to this point.

    Heres another quick vid. The player is crap (no idea why hes firing tank shells from 3rd person) but it really shows off how the sandstorms affect visibility. And notice how hes firing directly at another vehicle in the dust, but its only being spotted on the mini map.
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  5. Yeah, if the hit detection is spot on, this is gonna blow away MW2. I've always enjoyed the BF series more as it doesn't feel like a simple deathmatch game, but rather has some substance to it.

  6. What makes this more appealing than MW2?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Deewtaei View Post
    What makes this more appealing than MW2?
    What doesnt honestly? To tell you the truth they really are quite different. Especially on size and scope. Now on the wall of text:

    -First and foremost, they fixed nearly ALL of the problems people had with Bad Company 1 and truely went the route of making a hardcore PC-like Battlefield game for the consoles.

    -A large amount of PLAYABLE vehicles ranging from tanks to helicopters that YOU ACTUALLY CONTROL rather than pressing a button to have a computer fly one around to gift you kills.

    -A class system that requires actual teamwork and playing your role rather than one man super soldiers. Stuff like: Engineers to keep vechicles up and running, and medics to keep squads alive. Uber nerds can individually completely control an entire match in games like Halo or MW - in Battlefield teamwork is going to win everytime. You cannot win alone in BF. Ever.

    -No stupid shit like martyrdumb.

    -Huge and varied maps with very few choke points and multiple routes to the objectives making every match played differently in some way. Not to mention half way thru a match the battlefield is completely altered due to the destruction system. Some of the towns that were standing when the match kicked off WILL be destroyed by the end of the match. When they say BF is a sandbox in online FPS form they mean it. Time after time in BF games i find myself saying "ive never had a battle on this section of the map before". A far cry from MW's cramped maps and its 'run to the choke point, hide behind wall, and wait' approach. Simply put - a map on MW is the size of one small village on a Battlefield map.

    -Squad play. Since the maps are so vast - squads allow you to spawn on your friends rather than some random point on the map. The trick is to try to keep each other alive. Once youre all dead - its back to a base you control. This becomes a main element of the gameplay itself. Smart squad play is very rewarding and what sets BF games apart from most.

    -In alot of ways, Battlefield is a thinking mans FPS - even despite the arcade-like action. Its not just shoot anything that moves deathmatch. Its objective based. You have to know when to advance and capture points, and when to settle in, set traps, and defend. The game doesnt spell this out for you especially in conquest mode. If you want to be good, you really do have to be aware of your entire surroundings and the entire map (or at least have a squad leader who is). A main element is trying to figure out where the enemy is heading or where you think they are heading over the vast maps.

    ...and that aint the half of it. DICE im expecting a pay check.
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  8. This is looking pretty awesome, but it's pretty annoying that DICE is so entrenched in it that they can't be bothered to throw a little DLC support behind 1943. I mean... 1943 sold more than BC1 and is the fastest-selling game ever on XBLA/PSN, and they're content to just let the community get bored and leave. Keeping people interested in 1943 is the surest way to keep people interested in BC2.

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