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Thread: Official SEN Games Thread (Sony Network)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Like Wasabi View Post
    Are the PSOne titles on PSN straight ports are enhanced in any way? Suikoden is available for $6 and wouldn't mind picking it up if thats the case, otherwise I will stick with the copy I have already.
    Yeah, it's straight emulation. I picked it up since I had never played a Suikoden game and they are so expensive for the originals. It's an excellent use of $6.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  2. I grabbed Suikoden on PSN just so I could throw it on my PSP play it on the couch while I watch baseball. I will do this more often when more quality $6 PS1 games hit. I'd have bought RE if I didn't already have it on the DS.

    I did see that R-Type Delta is up there for $6. Gotta grab that when I pick up another pre-paid card using Truck's employee discount.
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  3. I don't have anywhere else to put this, so this thread is as good as any-

    Details in another language here.

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  4. That's pretty sweet, I think I started a videogame toy thread a couple of years back.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gameoverDude View Post
    Gravity Crash (Date TBA)

    This reminds me of Sub-Terrania on Genesis, just done with vectors. It looks great, and the music in the trailer is amazing (hopefully it's in the finished game and not just a promo track).
    It's very similar to the Thrust clone, Gravitron (Gravitron 2 is on Steam and you should buy it) but with twin stick controls like Geometry Wars. It seems fun from what I played at E3, but I like Gravitron 2 more.

  6. I played Gravity Crash a couple times and then moved over to Pixeljunk Shooter again. Gravity Crash is just too much a clone of Gravitron for me to be interested, and it just didn't seem as good.


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    Xevious Resurrection
    (featured in Namco Museum Essentials, coming in July)

    The other games in NME are Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Dragon Spirit, & Xevious. I'll be buying this mainly for XR (I still have a complete NM PS1 collection, including PS1 NM Vol. 5 with Dragon Spirit). At least this one includes something new.

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  8. That looks pretty slick.

  9. Strikers 1945, a classic vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, is coming to PSP exclusively through the PlayStation Network. Originally released in 1995, Strikers 1945 Plus for PSP will feature new graphics and a brand new "Endless" mode. PM Studios, publisher of DJ Max Fever, is planning on releasing the PSN game in July. Check out a video of the original game after the break.
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  10. Does that Namco collection have trophy support?


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