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Thread: Official SEN Games Thread (Sony Network)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Like Wasabi View Post
    Are the PSOne titles on PSN straight ports are enhanced in any way? Suikoden is available for $6 and wouldn't mind picking it up if thats the case, otherwise I will stick with the copy I have already.
    Yeah, it's straight emulation. I picked it up since I had never played a Suikoden game and they are so expensive for the originals. It's an excellent use of $6.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  2. I grabbed Suikoden on PSN just so I could throw it on my PSP play it on the couch while I watch baseball. I will do this more often when more quality $6 PS1 games hit. I'd have bought RE if I didn't already have it on the DS.

    I did see that R-Type Delta is up there for $6. Gotta grab that when I pick up another pre-paid card using Truck's employee discount.
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  3. I don't have anywhere else to put this, so this thread is as good as any-

    Details in another language here.

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  4. That's pretty sweet, I think I started a videogame toy thread a couple of years back.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gameoverDude View Post
    Gravity Crash (Date TBA)

    This reminds me of Sub-Terrania on Genesis, just done with vectors. It looks great, and the music in the trailer is amazing (hopefully it's in the finished game and not just a promo track).
    It's very similar to the Thrust clone, Gravitron (Gravitron 2 is on Steam and you should buy it) but with twin stick controls like Geometry Wars. It seems fun from what I played at E3, but I like Gravitron 2 more.

  6. I played Gravity Crash a couple times and then moved over to Pixeljunk Shooter again. Gravity Crash is just too much a clone of Gravitron for me to be interested, and it just didn't seem as good.


  7. Xevious Resurrection
    (featured in Namco Museum Essentials, coming in July)

    The other games in NME are Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Dragon Spirit, & Xevious. I'll be buying this mainly for XR (I still have a complete NM PS1 collection, including PS1 NM Vol. 5 with Dragon Spirit). At least this one includes something new.

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  8. That looks pretty slick.

  9. Strikers 1945, a classic vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, is coming to PSP exclusively through the PlayStation Network. Originally released in 1995, Strikers 1945 Plus for PSP will feature new graphics and a brand new "Endless" mode. PM Studios, publisher of DJ Max Fever, is planning on releasing the PSN game in July. Check out a video of the original game after the break.
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  10. Does that Namco collection have trophy support?


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