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Thread: Shave Like a Man

  1. Shave Like a Man

    There is one universal truth in life. At some point you'll be dragging a razor across your face. Whether it is for work, for a woman, or for whatever reason you might as well do it right.

    Necessary man equipment:
    • Single blade safety razor
    • Quality razor blades
    • Quality shaving soap
    • Badger hair brush
    • Coffee mug
    • Hot water

    I can't explain how pleasant shaving has become since switching over to the correct way of doing things. I don't get those fucking neck bumps anymore, there is ZERO irritation, the shave is close as I don't even know what, and I feel awesome because I'm not shaving like a pussy. I get a perfect edge on my sideburns every time without having to break out the cordless trimmer. A thirty-six blade razor does NOT give you "less irritation with a single stroke" that is marketing speak for "buy this, you dumb ass"

    Also: a refill on razor blades is, like, fifty cents. A month of razor blades will run you about one dollar. Can you say that about your silly little mach seven turbo ultra extreme razor?

    Yes, you can cut yourself, and you will at first... but these are just little bumps in the road to being totally awesome. If you shave with a straight razor you're even more manly and awesome. I don't think there is any added benefit to the straight razor besides the fact that you'll be so fucking hard you can crack walnuts with your eyeballs.

    Anyone else here shave like a man, or am I surrounded by noobs?

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    I rarely shave

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    I think you are on to something here, Josh.
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  4. It's just shaving. Most of the time I'm too lazy to even do it.

  5. I've returned to the clean-shaven world, but, uhm, I think that's where my place in this conversation ends. *heh*
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  6. I can't even remember the last time I haven't had at least some amount of beard growth, but I've been interested in shaving for real for some time now. I may need to do this. Any recommendations on a good inexpensive safety razor, blades and soap? The stuff at sure is fancy, but something tells me it's totally unnecessary.

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    I use the same buzzer I use for my hair for my beard.

    Fuck being clean shaven.

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    you look like a bitch though, rich

  9. You've seen my face. I haven't seen a razor this side of a Dreamcast*.

    EDIT: I was just told they are still apparently selling N-Gages to somone.
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  10. Got a beard myself.

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