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  1. 1 V 100

    Great game!

    I have just beaten elcapitan and his fresh college education. Even missed the first question! Dude is smart, but I, Biff of the Chan soundly defeated my worthy opponent.

    Now my question is this;

    Which one of you smarty nerds wants next? I'll crush you, so you better bring your A game and a friend along.

    "Suddenly: Biff is a trivia expert"

    The term is spermalunker and yep, I'll whoop your candy ass.

    So lawyers, musicians, chefs, bums, idiots, and playas...all I have to say is "who wants a shot at the champ?"

    Josh? I'll beat him by 10k

    Frog? Perhaps a challenge

    Nick? See above

    Buttcheeks? LOL

    Bring it, don't sing it bitches....
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  2. You talk a lot of game, huckleberry.

  3. Hey, the goal is to have a "who is the smarty" tnl contest here.

    Come get some though, I like to chew the skin before I snap the ribs.

  4. #4
    I really, really want to try this.
    The chance to make Bifficus eat his words is even more incentive.
    Whitefolks told me today that I cannot download it, so when is the next time I get to try n play ya Biffy?

  5. 9 today, you can be second on my streak of doom and gloom.

  6. Biff is all talk. He barely beat me.

  7. Did I win? Did I miss the fucking "what dinosaur has horns" question and still get you by 6k?

    The answer is yes, hit the books....noob.

  8. I'm never playing this game if Biff is in the room, as I already worry about my intelligence level enough before his post-game stomach-kicking.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  9. I'll beat Biff's ass just like Gears.

  10. Right now faggot, right now.

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