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Thread: Xbox 360 Power adapter to 360 Cable

  1. Xbox 360 Power adapter to 360 Cable

    My Dog chewed through the part of the xbox 360 cable that connects the power adapter to the360 (The other part is unhurt) I was wondering if anyone had that extra part I could maybe buy instead of buying a whole new one for $50

  2. Go to record exhange in your area (look it up) you can get the whole thing used for 15 bucks.

  3. I know where it is, I'll probably give it a look but there's no gaurentee.

    I was hoping with all the people who have turned in 360 that they may have an extra cable for that part. Since I know some people have owned like 3 360s.
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  4. Isn't it just a pc power cord? The brick part is fine right?

  5. One end is the PC power cord, the other one though that connects it to the 360 has a special end that plugs into it :/

  6. all it takes is a pc cord and something sharp enough to cut a notch into it.

  7. You know I'm an idiot, I didn't realize this part I'm looking for is plugged in directly to the power box, so I need a full new one anyways.

  8. You kept mentioning "the part that goes into the 360". But then when people asked about the brick you said no.
    I could offer you a brick rather cheap, but shipping might negate a lot of the cheapness.

  9. Alright, I"ll check some local places tomorrow, but yeah the brick is heavy so I imagine it'd run a bit to ship, just let me know how much you can part for one and I'll compare em. Looking at Ebay they're much cheaper, like 25 than the $70 I found the other day.

  10. LOL 70?

    Also, make sure you get the right cord, I know that there are two different types (I have both) and one is completely incompatible with the newer rev of the xbox.


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