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Thread: Jim Butchers Dresden Files

  1. Jim Butchers Dresden Files

    Has anyone ever read any of this series? Im having a blast reading them. The best way, I know how to describe it is a cross between Harry Potter and Constantine. Except this guy is like the Peter Parker of wizards.Shit rarely goes his way.But,yeah with a Monkey Voltron who flings flaming poo, pizza eating faires, porn star killing ritual spells,a bad-ass vampire killing merc hitman,Knights of the Cross, and The Gatekeeper who keeps Cthulu-level shit out of the human realm, I guess it sounds like a crazy comic book...and probably could be.

    I think there was a thoroughly shitty Sci-Fi show based on this,that I remember watching that was absolutely nothing like the books at all, so if you've seen that, then yeah, way different.

    Im on the seventh book right now, so they read pretty fast. I think TNL would dig these...

  2. All I know is that my wife reads this stuff.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. She has good taste. Nab one of hers and give it a read.

  4. I am going to resurrect this thread just to stake the claim that Harry Dresden is nothing but a whiny, "Mary Sue" character and engineered to be relatable or even a hero to that kind of nerd. Yes. That kind. Very irritating. Also, punchable.

    Tons of "I'm a nice guy, unlike those Neanderthals that women usually go for" claims littered throughout. Always trying to White Knight everything. ALMOST ALL of the important, tertiary characters are attractive women that want him in nerd fantasy ways (read: not just attracted to but also those "little sister" types). Protect them from themselves, Harry! Those silly women don't get anything, but you do!

    Still, they don't understand you. Nobody does, right? You're so mysterious and have so much power that you can't use! Wouldn't want to hurt somebody! Best never say anything.

    Brimmed hat. Trenchcoat. If he had Birkenstocks, it'd be perfect.

    Still, this is all based on a book-and-a-quarter of story. I keep getting told this gets REALLY GOOD by book three or four. If he keeps up propagating these stupid nerd, fanboy stereotypes like this, though, I'll leave this series to the trenchcoat mafia.

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    lol, nice review!

    I watched a couple of eps of the TV show, maybe I'll give this a quick read soon.

  6. Passive aggressive review brought to you by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and my girlfriend stealing my copy of Clash of Kings just as I wanted to read it.


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    I <3 the Dresden Files. It really reads like a tv show, except the actual TV show wasn't that great. Also Butcher seems to delight in doing really terrible things to the main character, and as the series goes along he has a knack for changing things when things get stale.

    The books are very entertaining, especially when the real overall story picks up, but if you don't like the humor I wouldn't bother continuing.

  8. Yeah. I enjoy them a lot though at some points it feels like you're reading torture porn the way Butcher delights in injuring Dresden

    Well worth reading and yeah the series keeps getting better the more you lead as the overall story picture becomes clearer
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

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    Changes was awesome. Nothing in the series is sacred.

  10. Man, "It gets better" must be the motto to this series.


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