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Thread: Top 10 Pop Punk Albums? (non-Ramones)

  1. The new Teenage Bottlerocket album is streaming on myspace right now:

    I'm not sure what I think of this one yet. Nothing they put out seems to be able to top "Total", which was nearly a perfect pop-punk album with absolutely zero filler IMHO. "Warning Device" was a little too poppy for me, so it wore out its welcome pretty fast. This new one seems kind of diverse, but it hasn't totally grabbed me yet. The true test for a TBR album is actually listening while driving I can't wait for my pre-order to come.

  2. *pokes head into thread*

    Um... I like Green Day, even the last few records and the new one *shrug* I always thought Billie Joe Armstrong was an underrated songwriter

    BTW - I'm surprised not to see any mention of the UK band Ash in this thread, didnt anyone besides me listen to to the Free All Angels record? It was brililant imo.

    *puts on corpse paint and leather jacket and returns to metal thread*
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  3. I got the new Sidekicks album in the mail today, and I'm digging it. I still think the evolution of their sound is kind of odd though...its like they went from a "Lawrence Arms" (dare I use the word "orgcore) type band to sounding like "Through Being Cool" era Saves the Day over night. Odd...but I like it anyways.

  4. Heard some newer Loved Ones stuff and I'm not as smitten as I was with their first record.

    Boo, Hiss.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    Heard some newer Loved Ones stuff and I'm not as smitten as I was with their first record.

    Did you listen to the stuff off of the "Distracted" EP or stuff off of "Build and Burn?" I thought the Distracted EP was pretty crappy, but "Build and Burn" is great. "Build and Burn" just takes a little time to grow on you, because it seems more "folksy" than punk.

  6. I liked the lyrics of distracted, especially the following para:

    I get so distracted
    When you come around
    My heads in the clouds
    I can't seem to concentrate at all
    Don't you know that I get so distracted
    When I see your face
    Get caught in a daze
    Sometimes I don't know what to do
    I get so distracted by you

  7. Since this thread is still kickin', figured I would ask....has anybody checked out the new Varsity Weirdos album yet?

    I've been listening to it the last few days, and its a pretty solid record. Some way above average "Ramonescore" stuff going on here.

  8. Just gave it a listen. It has a few good tracks. Never heard them before, so I don't know how to gauge it. EDIT: Nice 80's feel and I always enjoy a good sing-a-long!
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