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Thread: Warcraft The Movie

  1. Warcraft The Movie

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    I was wondering when this would happen. With so many people involved in WoW it's almost a sure box office bet.
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  3. It kinda bugs me that all the articles are referring to it as a WoW movie when it's simply a Warcraft movie. Pretty sure this won't be about grinding for rare drops and yelling at people in your raid. I've always liked the Warcraft lore, but I have to wonder what story they're planning to tell here. I have to assume it's gonna be about Arthas, but man, that's not a two and a half hour story.

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    I mean, it could be? Think about all the flashy action that they're gonna have to have! That can fill up an hour alone.
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  5. Oh, no, I meant it the other way. Too much, not enough time in one movie.

  6. Bruce Campbell will play some bit part in this I'm sure.
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  7. Fucking awesome
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  8. I thought that Peter Jackson already did a WoW movie? I think it starred Elijah Wood and Ian McKellan.

  9. Yeah but it didn't have this ...

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  10. That video made my entire day worth living.
    Look out, man, Wooly's gone ape-shit.


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