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Thread: Halo Legends

  1. Halo Legends

    Don't know if this is going to be a movie or a series but I can't wait to see.
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  2. It's a series of short stories, and each one is done by a different director/studio. Think animatrix for Halo from what I have heard.
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  3. Ah, well then I guess I.G is only doing one of the shorts then. Still looking forward to it though.
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    Couple'a these look Nigh Unwatchable, but I'll give it a go for free.
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  8. So I watched Origins 1,2, Homecoming, and Odd Man Out.
    I turned off The Duel 5 minutes into it.

    Homecoming is a great original story, Origins 1 and 2 is just the backstory, Odd Man Out is a fucking ridiculous Anime stereotype but funny in doing so, the duel just looks like so much shit I couldn't stand it.

  9. "The Duel" is one of the best ones.

  10. It looks like ps1 cg with a filter over it.


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