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Thread: FA: 4 x Nichibutsu Shmups! STG

  1. FA: 4 x Nichibutsu Shmups! STG

    Welcome to my Nichibustu - Nihon Bussan Ebay Auctions

    1.) NICHIBUTSU - Terra Cresta (ARCADE PCB)
    Item No. 200368722790

    2.) NICHIBUTSU - Terra Cresta II: Mandora's Counter Attack (PC-ENGINE Hu-Card)
    Item No. 200368718759

    3.) NICHIBUTSU - Galivan Cosmo Police (ARCADE PCB)
    Item No. 200368721066

    4.) NICHIBUTSU - Ufo Robo - Dangar (ARCADE PCB)
    Item No. 200368723517

    Thanks for viewing my new auctions !

  2. Seriously. No one wants this stupid shit. OMG PCB ARCADE!!>!>!>! ORIG NIB RARE!!>!>!>:!

    Emulate the attitude of this board toward superfluous hardware or STFU.
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  3. seriously, you have a mental problem.
    You've been posting negative comments in everyone of my threads.

    This is posted in the EBAY-AUCTION section for gaming.
    And it's appropriately posted.

    You should get a new hobby. <called "get off the internet and out of mum's basement>
    I'm causing no harm here and anyone can see that.

    This is turning into a real crap of a place.
    If you don't care, this post doesn't apply to you does it.

    Move along and do something constructive, with your life and with your existence.
    You're wasting the miracle of life.

    Take whatever anger you have with the world and shove it !

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