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Thread: Happy Birthday, Melf

  1. Treasure Happy Birthday, Melf

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    MechDeus - Nick is the Bruce Wayne to Yoshi's Jean-Paul Valley.
    Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    You just don't comprehend how well he's (FE26/Buttcheeks) comprehending. He's understanding you saying things you never said, that's how good he is.

  2. Feliz.. Spanish word for birthday. I know how to say it but no matter how I spelled it, it looked wrong. Cumplianos? Whatever.

  3. Give me some Genesis games for your birthday. Plz.

    Happy Birthday.

  4. #4

  5. Happy Birthday, Melf!

  6. Thanks all! 36 and still kicking!

  7. HB, Melf!

  8. Happy Birthday Brosef!

  9. Happy Birthday Melf.

    Every year I forget we have the same Birthday.
    Quote Originally Posted by William Oldham
    Sing a song of Madeleine-Mary
    A tune that all can carry
    Burly says if we don't sing
    Then we won't have anything...

  10. Happy birthday to both of you!
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan


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