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Thread: The Quarantines

  1. The Quarantines

    Decided to change the name to something that fits better with the overall story. Plus One Mores was really just an in joke from Texas anyway...

    We did some recording, and then a good portion of it was lost to a hard drive crash. One 192kbps rough mix survived. Want to hear it?



    Update: recordings complete, songs posted on the myspace page.

    Update: Now available on Firestarter and Insubordination Records!

    That is Type Ryan on drums, me on guitar/vocals and Rebecca on bass/vocals.
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  2. Okay I like it alot

    I will complain about that damned swirlyass mp3 sound that makes it impossible for me to listen to mp3's though. I've listened two times now but probably not again until I can listen to some sort of hard copy.

  3. Unfortunately, that is the only copy that exists. Everything but the drums and rhythm guitars were lost to a hard drive error, and I only have that crappy mp3 as evidence of all the work we did

  4. LOL, I already forgot that part. Damn this Nyquil!

    Well fuck. Are you three still at it at least?

  5. Yep. Playing September 4th with the mother fucking Abducted. This is the band I am "serious" about these days.

  6. If you were serious there would also be a myspace. Myspace is like facebook for grownups!

  7. The old plus one mores myspace is still up. Myspace doesn't load very well for me these days, so I can't be bothered.

  8. Much better name.

  9. This is good stuff!

  10. Meg White needs to shut the fuck up.

    just kidding. Not bad!

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