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Thread: Looking for some Saturn games

  1. Looking for some Saturn games

    I need the following U.S. Saturn games to complete my domestic collection. I'm willing to trade or buy. All games should be ORIGINALS, NOT CD-Rs and should include their original box, insert, and manual. The discs should be scratch-free as well.

    - Legend of Oasis
    - Dark Savior
    - Earthworm Jim 2
    - Clockwork Knight
    - Clockwork Knight 2

    Check my GTZ list to see if there's anything you'd like to trade for.
    Reply here or email me at


  2. I have Legend of Oasis... I would prefer to sell it, make me an offer.
    Check out my blog:

  3. Is it complete and in good condition? If so, how does $10 sound?

  4. I say that it sounds good to me PM me to work it out.
    Check out my blog:


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