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Thread: Abuse the Youtube Tags: Videogame Edition

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Timber View Post
    The only way that fist vid cost $209 was if everyone in it wasn't paid, they already had all the props, and all the CG work was done for free.
    Yeah I'm pretty sure everyone in it was in it for the fun of it. All the guns were borrowed airsofts and the clothes and shit were from Goodwill/Target. The guys are just really big fans of CoD and really fucking good filmmakers. You can see how they did lots of it in the making-of video.

  2. This guy put together a 10 worst video game ads video on youtube, while I don't agree with his choices, I found it rather interesting that Phil Hartman pimped himself out for a couple of them. Does anyone know of any other video game commercials Phil has appeared in?

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    I remember that Yoshi's Island commercial! GROSS

    I also remember that Sega CD commercial because the games looked like shit even back then, so it was always like what? Ugh FMV.

    The PS3 commercial made me shit my pants what the fuck.

    Dude, the Kirby commercial was not really BAD, and the GBA Micro one was actually really good. There have to be worse commercials than those out there.
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  4. Zelda commercial: Why a rap? Why is that nerd just randomly hanging out and playing the NES with the "cool" kid, and not getting his ass kicked?

    CDI commercial: Phil Hartman sort of makes that commercial... good?

    3DO commericial: When I was a kid I had a theory that companies that only/constantly advertise how many games/titles they have available, even after they've been on the market for a year or two, were destined to fail, versus companies that released ads for specific games.

    Ice Hockey: This is actually my favourite game commercial. This has no business being on the list.

    Yoshi's Island: Uh, I get it, but I don't get it. I remember seeing it when I was a kid and thinking, "this is just gross for the sake of being gross."

    Also: I disagree with this guy's list of best commercials. They're all from Sega and Nintendo, and just as painfully embarrassing/bland as those listed as the worst.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by StriderKyo View Post
    Random thing that occurred to me at 4am: the opening theme to Journey to Silius was the fucking jam. It's almost comparable to stuff the Amiga was pumping out at the time:

    Never played it! And now that I've listened to all of those remixes and stuff, OMFG awesome. Sunsoft really had it down back then.

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  7. That Pac Man video was fucking hilarious.

  8. His mario kart is funny too.

  9. Yeah it is, they were both really good.


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