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Thread: Abuse the Youtube Tags: Videogame Edition

  1. Crazy amount of work, really pretty.

    also you had an NES when you were a kid, we get it

  2. I know there is another lego thread somewhere, but just typing "Lego" into the search bar should not bring up Split/Second or MGS4 or any of the other 78 threads I saw before this one, so here it goes. Buddy of mine showed me this today, sick.

  3. Kinda similar but not really:

  4. I vote to just make this the videogame-themed youtube thread.

    These are pretty awesome:

  5. This is awesome.

    (Psst, some mod please change this to Abuse the Youtube Tags: Videogame Edition)

  6. #16

    I forgot to thank you for those rusky videos earlier. Those are great.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    That isn't a robot. That's the world's largest 8 year old.

  8. Apparently this guy does these by ear, sometimes only having heard them one or two times. There's a lot more.

  9. Here's one of my favorites from the other Youtube thread:

  10. Been on a nostalgia kick lately so here are some old ads:

    This one's great - you get to see a genuine reaction to people seeing a video game for the first time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    K3V is awesome!


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