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Thread: Abuse the Youtube Tags: Videogame Edition

  1. A 13.5M score on Puchi Carat's Expert mode. Very nice. There's a massive 1M gem drop at the 0:54 mark. Sometimes the ball gets stuck and racks up a nice hit combo (such as 30 hits for 200,000) or there's 2 perfects in a row. Lots of risk with the gems being allowed to get low, but major rewards.

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  2. I always found the relationship between Wozniak and Jobs very interesting. They needed each other to achieve the success they had/have. The funniest part of this video was the design that Woz came up with for Breakout; Atari could not duplicate the reduced chipset design he came up with for the game.

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  3. #323

  4. "He then super-hydrates up to 375 pounds."

    That was too funny!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    lol Jesus christ this is too fucking funny... I lost it at the invisible baby...
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  6. I like Wrestlingwithgames documentary on the Jag.

  7. That was a nice recap. I wish it had done better but honestly, I am surprised it got as far as it did (Tempest 2K, AvP, Iron Soldier, etc).

  8. Let me preface this by saying that I like The 8 Bit Guy. His is one of the few channels I can mostly stomach.
    But then I see shit like this and I'm like, how the fuck can 130,000 people think this would be an interesting way to spend thirteen minutes and thirty seven seconds of their day?


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