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Thread: woot! Discussion Thread

  1. woot! Discussion Thread

    I've recently fallen in love with the woot sites. For those not in the no, each site in the network posts one deal every day and takes it down when it's sold out. Most of it is junk, but then you get some GOOD deals, my favorite thus far being the 12 MST3K movies for $50. Also, shirt.woot has been filling out my wardrobe nicely with $10 shirts when one that catches my eye appears.

    I mainly made this thread to show off the fuckin' nutty deal on kids.woot today. ALL Pink Panther cartoons for $13. Every one. Make Friz Freling proud and buy it like I did.

    Also, from here on in, let's talk about woot. I like it.

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    Fix that, Chao.

    The Pink Panther deal does sound sweet.

  3. FYI that 6 disc set only has Pink Panther and not the interim cartoons like The Inspector or the Ant and the Aardvark.

    If you care about those, then there is a 9 disc set for 29.99 @ amazon:

  4. That is the motherfucking win. Bought an awesome one yesterday, on the fence about getting the Mario/Petey one today.

    Best part? They don't charge extra for fatties.
    All is well.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kuro View Post
    Best part? They don't charge extra for fatties.
    Indeed. Now I just have to hope it'll actually fit. I've bought 3X shirts that vary so much in size that it's just silly. My favorite are the ones that are way too wide and don't even reach my waist. It's like the width & length are the same. I want to meet these 4'3" fatties that wear them.
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  6. Huh, thought I was the only person with that problem. It usually only happens with polo and dress shirts though, so here's hoping.
    All is well.

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    Fucking jog, fatty.
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  8. Lose weight, fat fuck.

  9. Wear shirts that aren't designed by community college graphic design dropouts, fatty.

  10. I used to wear these types of shirts but I dunno, I feel like a kid when I wear them now. I still wear my band tees (gotta represent) but those are more accepted than a shirt with a video game character on it. I'll never understand that.


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