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Thread: For Sale: Blazblue (360)

  1. For Sale: Blazblue (360)

    This is the Limited Edition in like-new condition with the soundtrack, tutorial DVD (actually quite good), etc. I haven't played this in weeks, so it's probably safe to say I'll never play it again. I'd rather sell it than have it sit there.

    $30 + shipping? I'm also open to trades, namely for:

    Dragon Quest V (DS)
    Marble Saga (wii)
    Tactics Ogre (PS1)
    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (DS)
    Rhythm Tengoku Gold (DS)
    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii)
    Wii Sports Resort
    blu ray movies

  2. I'll take it. Take Paypal?

  3. Wow. Our avatars are scary similar...

  4. The taboo sexual tension between them is palpable!

  5. damn, I missed this.

  6. #6
    Now you have BallzBlue.
    My Backloggery

  7. Doh. Too late. Congrats, haohmaru.


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