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Thread: Phantom moderation

  1. Phantom moderation

    Who the deleted my courage wolf post in this thread? It was post #10788 before one of you faggots deleted it. From fight club. What the fuck?

    I've reattached the photo here, so hopefully someone can explain what the fucking problem was with this being in fucking fight club.
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  2. I had a great laugh from the image, so it wasn't me.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  3. #3
    not me!
    My Backloggery

  4. Also: someone deleted the "relationships" picture I stuck in the life is good thread. You think Nomi can't handle it? You some kind of knuckle dragging sexist?

  5. I want to see this relationship.jpg.

    C'mon mod, undelete this shit.

  6. Hey, I thought I came up with that "pussy" line back on AIM in GameGO days. The wolf thing doesn't look offensive to me at all, even if it were in Sound Off, and it's certainly all right in Fight Club. I'll go see what's up in the Life Is Good thread.

  7. Where was the relationships picture exactly? If your post was edited in any way, there will be a message with the name of the editor.

  8. Yeah, I can't see where they were ever posted.

  9. The database demands tribute!

  10. I have a rep from the courage wolf one that links to N/A.


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