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Thread: Free 1-year ECA membership (10% off amazon purchases, 20% off @ GOG)

  1. Arcade Free 1-year ECA membership (10% off amazon purchases, 20% off @ GOG)

    If you use the code GIMAG on (found in an article of the new Crackdown GI issue), you can receive a free, full 1 year membership (I think it's only for new accounts). You do need a credit card to sign up, but if you cancel before the 1 year is up, you won't be charged. This is a great deal for the free amazon discount. Be sure to use the coupon soon, because the article doesn't mention the expiration for the coupon.
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    They send two e-mails upon registration, the correct one for registering comes from Be sure to check your spam/junk folder, it seems to be getting routed there for a lot of people.
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  2. signed up.

  3. Shit, this might even be worth the regular yearly fee. Signed up.

  4. Done! Thanks!

  5. This is ridiculously awesome--I just used an Amazon code on Beatles Rockband with my Prime free shipping. Thanks Bacon!

  6. I registered, but I never got anything that would ask me for CC info or give me Amazon discounts...I get ACCESS DENIED on the Members page when I am logged in.

    I never got a second email or anything, nothing in the Junk folder. Just a SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER

    I'm not even really trying to freeload the membership. I'd pay 20 dollars if I can get 10% off all my games. That's way more than 20 dollars.

  7. your wii probably intercepted it

    fucking nintendo

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    This is so super sweet. Look at this other shit:

    members receive 10% off the price of admission to the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, Mass. 2010 for pre-registrants. COMING SOON!

    * ECA members get reduced commissions of just 10.99%, which includes FREE payment processing. Dawdle is cheaper than eBay or any other marketplace to sell your used games and buy games from other gamers online, and this deal just for ECA members is even sweeter. Exercise your first sale rights and get cash to buy new games at the same time! Save money now by signing up for your Dawdle account through the ECA.

    get $10 off when you buy select memory sticks.

    Good Old Games - a leading destination for download-to-own DRM-free classic PC games, is offering members 20% off of new game purchases.

    Hyatt Hotels - members receive a 5-10% discount on room rates at Hyatt Hotels throughout the US and Canada.
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    SHIT a discount on MAINGEAR too!

    MAINGEAR is a renowned manufacturer of award winning, record breaking, top performing gaming PCs.

    Offer: Receive 5% off any purchase. Call 1-800-MAINGEAR to redeem.

    ...holy shit there's a ton more. B1G1 free on fandango, discounts on Pitchfork clothing...WONDERFUL
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