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Thread: Metal Slug 3 (AES)

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    Neo-Geo Metal Slug 3 (AES)

    I have Metal Slug 3 for Neo-Geo AES. As I have sold my AES, this game is rather useless to me. I would like it very much if somebody were to buy it.

    It's the Japanese version and the first print run. It's in very good but not quite mint shape. You can take a look at it for yourself with the stupidly high resolution image attached.

    I'm looking for about $250 plus shipping.
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  2. sold?

  3. loooooooooooool


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    If this were still for sale for 250 I would murder anyone in my way to get it.

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    [18'25"00] <dog-money> hey bvork when did you sell your aes ms3?
    [18'26"05] <bVork> years ago
    [18'26"13] <bVork> you're teh second person to ask me about that today :/
    [18'26"59] <dog-money> the thread got bumped

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    I sold it years ago. Locally, surprisingly enough.


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