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Thread: PS3 Aquanaut's Holiday, English version

  1. PS3 Aquanaut's Holiday, English version

    Want the "Asia" version with optional English text, not the Japanese one. Would prefer new but used is okay too!

  2. Anyone ever bite on this? Because I've been thinking I wouldn't mind picking the game up as well, and was hoping you might have a spare offer.


  3. Nobody yet.

  4. Darn. I figured somebody might have picked it up on a whim from when NCSX was clearing it out at $30 a few months back, but I guess not. I didn't notice the sale until it was out of stock or I wouldn't be looking now.


  5. Yeah, same. I have no clue where they all went. Still shrinkwrapped and on the shelves of CAG fatties, no doubt!


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