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Thread: Threads not going to last unread post

  1. yeah I'm pretty sure the pagination issue is either a straight vbulletin bug, or a combination of that and the php opcode caching module that's running on the http server (not disabling it)

    edit: and I can't really fix the problem (although I see where it may lie), because the forum is written with the pagination routines hard-coded into each file instead of having a included function for it
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  2. The problem I originally posted about went away all on its own the next day. I never got around to upgrading to IE 8. Weird.

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  3. What's your threadreadcut set to?

    Problem is, when a thread drops below the threadreadcut (i.e. it counts as read because it's too old, no matter wether it was actually read or not), and then pops back up due to a new reply, instead of jumping to the first post after threadreadcut, it jumps to the first post of the thread.

    So if you have set threadreadcut to something very low (like 1 day), you'll regularly have the case where threads pop back up... especially in low traffic forums it's not unusual for it to take a day for someone to reply.

    In our forum we set threadreadcut to 60 days and the issue rarely comes up, since not every day someone replies to a thread that's been dead for 60 days. But in a high traffic forum, setting threadreadcut to such a huge value may cause your threadsread table to grow very large.


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