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Thread: Lot of HD DVDs for Sale

  1. Lot of HD DVDs for Sale

    Hey everyone, I have a lot of HD DVDs that I'm selling. I'm copying and pasting my thread from another board. Here is the link, with the thread over there and my feedback score (I'm cooltobeyou over there):

    And here is the pasted thread. If you're interested in any lot of the movies, let me know. Thanks:

    So, I'm in the process of cleaning out my house, and the first thing that has to go is my HD DVD I have to depart with my HD DVD collection.

    All HD DVDs are in mint condition, with complete packaging, most have only been watched one time.

    Since this is such a HUGE LOT, and I want to limit my amount of trips to the post office, I'm setting the following buying restrictions:

    1) You can buy the whole lot, of the remaining 58 HD DVDs, for $174 shipped (that is $3 a movie...+$7 for the Heroes Box Set)
    2) You can buy in lots of 5 HD DVDs or more (that is $15 for 5 $3 a piece)
    3) If you can't find 5 movies you want....but you can find 3 or 4 we may be able to work something out....just send me a PM.
    4) Payment is accepted via Amazon Gift Card only, and I only ship within the U.S.

    NOTE: Movies in BOLD are ones I am willing to trade straight up for the Blu-Ray version of the same movie:

    40 Year Old Virgin - PENDING to tienvg
    American Gangster
    American Me
    American Werewolf in London PENDING to project-blu
    Anchor Man
    Army of Darkness
    Beerfest PENDING to deano86
    Black Snake Moan
    Blades of Glory
    Blazing Saddles PENDING to deano86
    Blood Diamond
    The Bone Collector
    Bourne Identity
    Bourne Supremacy
    Bourne Ultimatum
    The BreakupPENDING to Poject-Blu
    Cassablanca PENDING to tienvg
    Casino PENDING to tienvg
    Children of Men
    Cinderella Man
    Clerks 2
    Deer Hunter
    District B13PENDING to unam9
    Dragon Heart PENDING to deano86
    Dream Girls
    Eastern Promises
    Face Off
    The Fast and the Furious - PENDING to summerkl
    2 Fast 2 Furious PENDING to summerkl
    The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift PENDING to summerkl
    Fearless PENDING to Project-Blu
    Field of Dreams
    The Heartbreak Kid Pending to summerkl
    Heroes Season One - $7
    The Hitcher PENDING to project-blu
    Hollywood Land PENDING to project-blu
    Hot Fuzz
    Hot Rod
    Hulk (2003)
    The Hurricane
    Inside Man
    Into the Wild
    The Jerk
    The Kingdom
    King Kong
    Knocked Up
    The Land of the Dead
    The Last Starfighter PENDING to unam9
    Letters from Iwo Jima PENDING to tienvg
    Matrix Reloaded
    Matrix Revolutions
    Mission Impossible - PENDING to tienvg[/b]
    Mission Impossible 2 - PENDING to tienvg
    Mission Impossible 3
    Monty Pythons: The Meaning of Life
    The Mummy PENDING to summerkl
    The Mummy Returns PENDING to summerkl
    Notting Hill PENDING to summerkl
    Old School PENDING to summerkl
    The Perfect Storm
    The Pianist PENDING to summerkl
    The Polar Express - PENDING to tienvg
    Pride and Prejudice - PENDING to summerkl
    The Rundown PENDING to summerkl
    Scorpion King PENDING to deano86

    Sea Biscuit
    Seed of Chucky PENDING to unam9
    Shrek the Third
    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    Sleepy Hollow
    Talk to Me
    The Thing to unam9
    Time Cop
    Tomb Raider
    Top GunPENDING to summerkl
    Unforgiven PENDING to summerkl
    The Untouchables - PENDING to tienvg
    The Warriors
    Water World PENDING to tienvg
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder; SEALED) - PENDING to tienvg
    World Trade Center
    Wyatt Earp - PENDING to tienvg
    Zodiac - PENDING to tienvg

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    Damn son, you picked the wrong horse!
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  3. Anchor Man
    Black Snake Moan
    Clerks 2
    Knocked Up
    Monty Pythons: The Meaning of Life
    Shrek the Third
    TMNT (If its the animated one)
    Tomb Raider

    Those are the ones I'd be interested in.
    Where I play
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Damn son, you picked the wrong horse!
    I sure did. I'm just hoping to sell this lot, and replace a few of the ones I really like on Blu-Ray.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv View Post
    Anchor Man
    Black Snake Moan
    Clerks 2
    Knocked Up
    Monty Pythons: The Meaning of Life
    Shrek the Third
    TMNT (If its the animated one)
    Tomb Raider

    Those are the ones I'd be interested in.
    Just sent you a PM....

  5. Lot of HD DVDs for Sale

    Thats a decent price, but I have hold off for now with Arc finally coming out next week.

  6. Thanks for the two-month-old bump, eldeddy09.
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    I like how the robots are giving themselves avatars now.

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    I think the site requires you to post ten times before it lets you see how old a thread is.


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