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Thread: All gone!

  1. All gone!

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  2. What TG-16 stuff are you looking for? I'm thinking of getting rid of my collection.

  3. Do you need a 6-button Duo pad? I got one of those in great condition and 3 Working Designs (or maybe 4, think I got all of them) T16/Duo games.

  4. Shooters, mostly. I already have Vasteel, Soldier Blade, Bonk, Bonk 2 and Ninja Spirit which are probably the best 5 for the system, but I'm willing to barter for the other good stuff. Side Arms? Blazing Lazers? Macross 1 or 2? Devil's Crush? PM me with what you're willing to part with!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    3 Working Designs (or maybe 4, think I got all of them) T16/Duo games.
    There must be more than that, because I have Cosmic Fantasy 2, Exile, Exile Wicked Phenomenon, and Vasteel, all WD. I know they also published Parasol Stars and Devil's Crush which I am very much interested in if you have those.
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  6. I have Parasol Stars and Cadash in near mint condition. I know I have Exile 1/2, but one of them is not complete. Also have CF2, I kept these even though I don't have a Duo anymore.

  7. Just curious, you can't return these for refund since they aren't opened?

  8. I can either return the whole lot of them or exchange any of them for anything of lesser of equal price. As for the latter, they don't have Demon's Souls, Raiden or Uncharted 2, and the former is an option fail this. I just figured I'd give people here a shot at exchanging their used game for a new one before just bringing everything back and buying the stuff I really want at full price.

    When did Gamestop stop taking receipt-less even exchanges ;_;

  9. This is what I have for sale/trade. All are complete with case, manual, and chip sleeve. Some of them even have the cardboard box.

    - Alien Crush
    - Bonk's Adventure
    - Bonk's Revenge
    - Bloody Wolf
    - Bravoman
    - Buster Bros.
    - China Warrior
    - Cosmic Fantasy 2
    - Cratermaze
    - Download
    - Dragon's Curse
    - Dragon Spirit
    - Dungeon Explorer
    - Dynastic Hero (Jap.)
    - Fantasy Zone
    - Fighting Street (Jap.)
    - Final Soldier
    - Final Zone II
    - Gat of Thunder
    - Keith Courage
    - Last Alert
    - Legendary Axe
    - Legendary Axe 2
    - Legend of Valkyrie (Jap.)
    - Monster Lair
    - Mr. Heli (Jap.)
    - Neutopia
    - New Adventure Island
    - Ninja Spirit
    - Operation Wolf (Jap.)
    - Ordyne
    - Pac-Land
    - Riot Zone
    - Shape Shifter
    - Shockman
    - Sinistron
    - Space Harrier
    - Splatterhouse
    - SFII: Champion Edition (Jap.)
    - Super Star Soldier
    - Syd Mead's Terra Forming
    - Tiger Road
    - Tricky Kick
    - Valis II
    - Victory Run
    - Vigilante

  10. Though I would very much love to do business with you and relieve you of your TG collection as I did you Master System collection, I pretty much have all of those .


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