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Thread: DS games sale

  1. Nintendo DS DS games sale

    please PM me if you are interested in anything, shipping is $4.50, Payment via PayPal.
    all games are complete and near mint condition, the prices are "best guess". i am willing to work out a deal.

    Space Invaders Extreme $15
    Bangaio $15
    Meteos $10
    Gunpey DS $6
    Bangaio $14
    Exit DS $10
    Bleach: Blade of Fate $10
    Metroid Prime Hunters demo cart with booklet (free with any order)
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  2. I sent you a PM about a few games.

  3. added prices

  4. removed sold games, and dropped some prices

  5. bump.

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    ds games
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  7. added new stuff, removed some old

  8. removed sold games & bump

  9. last bump before i put it on Ebay. anyone interested in taking the whole lot for $40 shipped?

  10. all gone


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