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Thread: GBA and GBC games for sale

  1. Game Boy Advance GBA and GBC games for sale

    pm me if you are interested. i'm willing to work out a deal. need cash. all games are in good condition. i can provide pictures if needed.


    Super Mario Advance 4 -- Super Mario 3 with booklet
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Konami 2003) the good one, with booklet
    Gunstar Super Heroes with booklet
    ChuChu Rocket with booklet
    Metroid Zero Mission -- [ON HOLD]
    Metroid Fusion - complete (box a little worn)
    Astro Boy (treasure) -- complete
    WarioLand 4
    Zelda Minnish Cap
    Klonoa: empire of dreams -- complete
    Klonoa: dream champ tournament
    Fire Emblem: the sacred stones
    Golden Sun
    Golden Sun: the lost age


    Metal Gear Solid
    Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
    Mario Golf
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  2. before it goes on EBAY, anyone interested in the whole lot for $30 shipped?

  3. PM sent
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  4. all gone


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