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Thread: CWC / Chris-Chan

  1. you do like purple hats, so i would think so

  2. Some things should stay at 4chan.

  3. #13

    Your mom?

  4. Yeah, keep this at 4chan.

  5. Pic 1: Don't the teen affectations, I hadda do the duck lips and peace sign as part of the wedding bet, oh, I had to touch him also.

    Pic 2: Sonichu Shrinkey Dinks, bitches, copywritten and all.

    Pic 3: Siggy, I need to get an extra for my fiance, but it needs to be personalized and say "love" at least once.

    Pic 4: His card.

    Basically, I've known this girl since she was 12, we discovered him sometime earlier this year and after some creative googling, I discovered he was a local. Then I started to remember him from The Game Place on Fridays, Pokemon night--easier to find an unattached girl when she's only 9, I guess. I told my friend and she accused me of lying, so we made a bet, her idea, her hand, for my pic with him.

    Everyone at the store, hell the whole GameStop corporation, knows this guy, he's a bottomless pit of lulz for us, which I'll share soon. Oddly they didn't know about the orange soda and semen drinking. Anyhow, Once the deal was made, I swore everyone in the store to calling me once he shows. A month or so back, he showed up at the GH5 contest blood drive and I was working.

    I motion to Kyle to stop him from walking out the door because I was busy and Kyle pussied out, so I yelled out "I-is that... Sonichu?" he did a 180 so fast there was a sonic boom and immediately made for me. He started talking to me about that shitty comic of his, and I hadda pretend to be into it. But I got my pic and my wife. I'll post pics of her at some point, if she says yes to it.
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  6. Shineaqua confirmed btw.

  7. I thought I was Biff now?

  8. Yeah, I'm just getting to the merge. Old news.

  9. LOL, is that what he calls himself here?

    I agree with Grumpy as well, to follow the path to ...ugh...chan is NEVER a good idea.

  10. This is totally game forum related though, the guy tries to hump every chick at GameStop.

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