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Thread: Target sale ending on Wednesday.

  1. Target sale ending on Wednesday.

    Target is selling several lately released titles for $44 each on the PS3 and 360. I picked up Dragon Age at that price and noticed about a half dozen other titles were still available.

    Titles listed:

    Madden 10
    NCAA Football 10
    NBA Live 10
    Dragon Age
    Brutal Legend
    FIFA 10

    The sale ends tomorrow.
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  2. I still play NHL and Madden, but I bet you could get both of those for about the same price used.

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    amazon's selling some games at 44 also.

    I want to play Dragon Age but I feel like I should just Gamefly it sometime, as these rpg's are shit for replay value.
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  4. Target also has Left 4 dead 2 for $44.
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  5. Tekken 6 also!


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