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Thread: Xbox 360 + a few extras

  1. Xbox 360 I Xbox 360 + a few extras

    I'm not really expecting anybody around here to be interested in this, but just in case, here you go. I'm looking to get $100 shipped (insured and tracked FedEx 2nd day) for the whole package; I could trade the console itself in to Gamestop and get $95 for it up until December 6th, so as much as I hate the place I'd be better off doing that then going too low on offers of cash.

    What I've got:

    Xbox 360
    Been fixed twice by Microsoft, and is currently no longer under warrantee. As of now, works fine, and I have no reason to believe that it is in any process of killing itself - however, I can obviously make no guarantees as to how long the console will or will not last once out of my hands. Has two cosmetic flaws, both thanks to Microsoft's crack team of repair folks: small scratch down one side like somebody was opening the box with a razor blade and wasn't careful, and a USB door that no longer stays closed. Non-HDMI console. Console has not been modded, and has never been banned from Xbox Live.

    Comes with: 64MB memory card, one wireless controller, headset, power cable, composite video cable, copy of Call of Duty 2. (Not all items pictured.)
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  2. I'm disappointed it doesn't have a pink skin or something.
    Good luck with the sale though!

  3. I had always wanted to get that pink/grey faceplate for it, but then when I saw it in person, I didn't like how it looked in use. The graphics just cut off at the edges of the faceplate, which I always thought looked totally tacky (and is why I don't like most of the faceplates).

    If there was a decent way to make my 360 pink, trust me I'd have done it by now. I just have to get along and be happy with my pink controller.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

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    I'll check with my sister to see if she would be interested tomorrow. Her son really wants a ps3 for christmas but there's no way she can buy a $300 system for him. I say he'd be better off with a 360 anyway.


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