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Thread: Anyone want a sealed Rock Band 2 360?

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    Anyone want a sealed Rock Band 2 360?

    I seem to have an extra copy of Rock Band 2 (game only) here, still in shrinkwrap, and I can't find the receipt to return it. Anybody want to buy or trade for it? I'd take cash, or trade for another game, some MS points, whatever.

  2. Certain retail establishments will accept exchanges without a receipt. Just saying.
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    K3V is awesome!

  3. They do? I thought that died out when Walmart stopped doing it.
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  4. They did it for me. They mark it down to the lowest price at which they've sold the item and refund store credit in that amount.

  5. Around here, Wal-Mart and Target will. They match it to your driver's licence, though, so you can't do it more than a few times a year. I'd say wait until after Xmas and say you got it as a gift.
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    K3V is awesome!

  6. If they don't allow you to return, I'd be interested in Rock Band 2 if the price is right. Just let me know.

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    Pm sent Geen.

    If Geen doesn't want it I'll try to return it to Best Buy tonight. Officially they can't take back games without a receipt, but I could probably argue my way to a store credit. It's easier to lose a couple bucks selling it and drop the game off at the post office on my way home.

  8. This came in the mail earlier this week (Monday I think) in perfect shape. Thanks Gohan!

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    Awesome, hope you like it. I used the cash to buy Battle Fantasia (or whatever it is called)


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