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Thread: King of Fighters XII $14.99 shipped

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    King of Fighters XII $14.99 shipped

    For those of you that are slack like me and haven't picked the game up yet Gamefly is selling KOF XII used for $14.99 for 360 or PS3. Sorry, no link since I'm on my phone. I'd recommend searching the store by price as well, there are other deals to be had. I've ordered a couple of games from Gamefly and they have arrived in perfect like new condition.

  2. I was looking at buying this game for cheap, but I wonder if 15 dollars is still too much...

  3. Not worth it for $5.

    Dead Space is $15 though.

  4. I will wait till it drops to $10, then realize it is not worth $10 and skip.

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    A poster named kingoffighters won't buy the game until it is $10. That is cold.


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