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Thread: Hori 360 DOA stick w/ Sanwa gate

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    Hori 360 DOA stick w/ Sanwa gate

    I want to grab a new HRAP but I need to sell my old stick before I can order it. I bought it new from EB and used it mostly for Street Fighter 4. When SF4 came out I replaced the gate with a Sanwa octagonal gate, making the stick much more precise. It's not as good as a HRAP or a SF4 TE stick, but it's cheaper and it works very well. Here's a thread about the mod:

    I've got it listed on ebay, since it gets a rather high price on the bay for some reason. However, if a TNL'er wants it let me know and I'll cancel the auction and sell it for $40 shipped. To be perfectly honest, I don't need the money, but if I buy a new stick this close to Christmas my wife will probably murder me unless I sell the old one to help offset the cost.

  2. I suggest not having the "Make an offer" option on ebay. It is the most annoying thing ever.

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    I may change it if I don't get any bites. I have it set to automatically accept an offer that is a few bucks less.

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    That looks awesome! If you wait until I get my Xmas money from my aunt, I would totally mail you a MO for $40 for this.

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    Pineapple: if that's a firm commentment, then it's yours! (Assuming someone on ebay doesn't bin before I can get to a pc and cancel it)

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    Sold (kinda) to Pineapple!

  7. If he doesn't come through, I'll do it.


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