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Thread: Battle: LA

  1. I'm boycotting it because I heard the aliens weren't real, too.
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    Once, a gang of fat girls threatened to beat me up for not cottoning to their advances. As they explained it to me: "guys can usually beat up girls, but we are all fat, and there are a lot of us."

  2. Well, that makes my decision easier.

  3. The whole point of this type of movie is to see an alien fight in Los Angeles, same as any other disaster movie. If it's not Los Angeles, and the movie is most likely shitty otherwise, than what purpose does it serve? They should be running through Hollywood shooting up the Chinese Theater.

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    than what purpose does it serve?

  5. I saw it and liked it. I don't care if it was shot in Madagascar.

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    How much sand can one man vagina hold?

  7. I watched the asylum version, that was a sight to behold

    typical hilarious asylum garbage from minute one, and it tries to be like 5 different movies, everything from terminator 2 to ID4 to fucking flight of the navigator (with a dash of kill bill vol 2) and fails miserably in each instance

    edit: lol

    There are two movies coming out this weekend about the legendary “Battle of Los Angeles.”

    Why not watch the only one that was actually shot in Los Angeles?
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  8. Do you think "Battle:L.A" is happy still being in theaters while "Cedar Rapids" has a limited release?

    This movie is like the the punchline to some bad joke.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by stormy View Post
    I'm boycotting because none of the movie was filmed in Los Angeles. They filmed it all in Louisiana.
    Yes! More people need to take a stand against falsification of setting in film. King's Speech? Uh, takes place in the '30s my ass! Shit was filmed in like 2009! Motherfuckers think we don't have IMDB? LOL.

    I did not find out about this lie until after I saw it, so it is unfortunately too late to boycott The King's Speech unless the guys who made Year One can lend me their time machine. Though I do have to say that it is worth watching if only to see how remarkably well King George VI has aged.
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  10. Stormy, you may want to read my book, Jew-rassic Farce: The Truth About Steven Spielberg Films. It will shock you.


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