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Thread: Free XBLA Uno code

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    Free XBLA Uno code

    I was given a code for the game for Xmas from a friend and I already have the game. First person who wants it, PM me and I'll PM you back the code. Only stipulation: you must play Uno with me sometime soon.

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    Sold to Samba's baby daddy!

  3. If anyone has a spare 48 hour code, I would appreciate it, the one that was supplied inside Rock Band 2 registers itself as an invalid code on XBL, :/

  4. try putting it in on the website, doing codes on the console was finnicky as all fuck for me

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    Do you know what recent games come with them? I've got some sealed 360 games that I'll open up and check to see if any of them have codes. I do have Rock Band 2 but I'm pretty sure it didn't have a code.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  6. I got a 1 month gold trial membership, but I think you have to use it with a new XBL handle?

  7. 1 month code worked without a hitch.

    I had two different 48 hour codes go off as "invalid codes". Hero was nice enough to give me one that worked on the website, but then never validated to my account, and a code I had from RB2 that always said it was invalid.

    After 40 minutes on the phone with xbox tech support, essentially they said I was trying to put one over on them for two different 48 hour codes and I am essentially stuck with my "codes from friends". Whatever guys.

    Anyway, thanks KoF for the one month trial code, now I can get my Uno on with all you pretty TNL folk.

  8. I am glad that worked! 1 month > 2 days

  9. I have a crapload of the 48 hour codes. If they don't expire I'd be glad to share if anyone needs them.
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    NGE remind me when your month is up. While cleaning shortly after the debacle of not playing I found a 48 hour card in my copy of L4D2. It's yours when you need it to continue the Uno wonders.

    Also get on in a bit so we can play!


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