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Thread: 360 Games FS/T

  1. 360 Games FS/T

    Anyone want any of these? All were purchased new except Grid (which is still in great condition) and all come with everything they came with before opening.

    Grid $10
    Dirt 2 $25
    Lost Via Domus $7
    Borderlands $35 Taken - Pineapple
    Tiger Woods '10 $35
    Civilization Revolution $12
    Darkest of Days $15
    Wolfenstein $20

    I'd rather not Ebay them or take them to Gamestop, etc...

    Paypal, Check, MO, or trade. The only trades that I'm really looking for would be Gears 2, Mirrors Edge, Wanted, or Riddick.

    PM or reply here.
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    Those are great prices!
    Someone buy that shit!

  3. Damn, I'd jump all over Borderlands if I wasn't so broke right now. All I have for trade that you listed is Mirror's Edge.


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