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Thread: The Dead Thread

  1. It's just this:

    I don't follow sports, so I never had a connection to him. A sudden death at that age is rough, that's too bad for his family and everyone who idolized him.
    It sucks that Twitter gets referred to like it's One Thing with an opinion, since it's really just millions with all kinds of opinions. You look into it and all your anxieties are reflected back on you.
    I also find the RIP tributes and the fan art to be off putting in their own way. Hot takes up in here.
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  2. Sports are very important.

  3. Kobe had global cultural impact. If you're engaging with our culture in any way over the last 20 years you are aware of who Kobe Bryant is, you know what he did, you probably know his nickname, you definitely said "KOBE" when throwing trash at a trash can like it was a basketball. With the NBA global popularity and especially being the the most popular sport in China, it's safe to say a billion people knew who Kobe was and are aware of his death today.

    That's why his death matters, because it's a thread that connects hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, of people and makes us all at the same time collectively think about death, it's suddenness, and it's permanence.

  4. That is horse shit. Celebrities die all the time. I'll save the existential terror for when someone I actually care about dies.

  5. Celebrities don't always die in freak accidents and when they do they get similar coverage.

    Obviously someone close to you dying will hit harder, but the idea here isn't that Kobe dying devastated me, it's that EVERYONE I know has talked about it with me over the last 24 hours. It's permeated our lives all the way to TNL. That's what being cultural relevant means. Pogs were culturally relevant. Disco was culturally relevant. Chia pets were culturally relevant. Celebrity deaths are culturally relevant. All for different reasons.

    It doesn't mean they matter long term. But, like, look how many people are talking about it in this thread on a dying message board. Obviously this incident is important if for no other reason than so many people are talking about it.

  6. Wait....Mathew Broderick killed 2 woman with his car?
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

  7. Well he's a shoe-in for Glamour magazine's woman of the year now.

  8. The Dead Thread

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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  9. Did you conveniently forget Arnold's documented trip to Brazil where he was very handsy with many women who were not into it? How many holes you think he didn't stuff carrots into?
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    Sports are very important.
    He dribbled a ball real good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Opaque
    Kobe had global cultural impact.
    He DEFINITELY had an impact on the girl he raped.

    you definitely said "KOBE" when throwing trash at a trash can like it was a basketball.

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki
    It’s tough for MANY people!!!! There are people who I respect immensely who refuse to acknowledge the humanity in an awful situation like this. It becomes blinders on, garbage out.
    You've displayed your share of closed-mindedness in other discussions here. We all have. It's human nature when something hits close to home.

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