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Thread: Various Game Items for Sale

  1. Various Game Items for Sale

    Items from my collection are going up for sale. All items are completed otherwise noted. Shipping is $5 per game, if buying multiple games we can negotiate on shipping rate. Shipping may be extra on heavy bulk items. Payment is Paypal only please

    Mario Kart Wii - Complete with Cardboard Box, Steering Wheel - Sold

    Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - Sold

    The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - $30

    Super Mario Galaxy - With Coin all Complete in Case - $35

    Super Paper Mario - Sold

    Metal Slug Anthology - Sold

    New Items Added ---

    Turbo Grafx 16 with base and Cd-Rom Addon(No Box or Manual) - $100

    Y's Book I&II - Complete with Inserts and Manual, No Scratches or Scuffs on Disc - $35

    Dreamcast Link Cable(4x in Stock) - This cable allows 2x Dreamcasts to be linked. Games that support this feature are Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and Ferrari F35 Challenge. New in Box - $30

    Neo Geo Gold System - In Box with Console, 2x Joystick, Memory Card, Cable Attatchments, and Original Foam and Plastic Bags. No Manual. Box is a bit scratched up-dam cats! King of Fighters 94(comes with system when I first bought it. It's condition is a bit rough, no manual, only case and cart). - $380

    Shining Force Premium Disc - Sealed - $80

    Time Crisis 3 with Guncon - Sealed - Sold

    Vampire Night with Guncon - Sealed - Sold

    Gamecube Package Complete in Box with
    Baten Kaitos
    Metroid Prime
    Soul Calibur
    Resident Evil Zero
    Star Wars ROgue Squadron
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Tales of Symphonia
    Resident Evil
    The Legend of Zelda : The WInd Waker(Sealed)
    THe Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of TIme(Sealed)
    Ikaruga Import(Sealed)
    That GBA Base Attatchment thingy that allows GBA to be played through the GC. I'll look up the name later...
    2x Memory card
    Lcd attachment(slips onto the top of the gc console.
    $150 shipped

    Dreamcast Bundle - Have to sort through it to see what's included to determine value. I know I have a SS Virtual ON Twin Stick(Boxed) with Total Control Adapter that will be included in package.

    Super Nintendo Bundle - Chrono Trigger(Cart Only), Final Fantasy IV(Cart Only), Final Fantasy VI(Complete with Box, Manual, Bag, all inserts), Ogre Battle(Missing Manual otherwise complete in box with monster chart, map, all inserts) - Price to come

    Sega Nomad - The brightness dial broke off, screen brightness cannot be adjusted! No Box or inserts but with ac adapter. WIll throw in Gunstar Heroes(With Box no manual) and Altered Beast(Complete) and Lakers vs. Celtics(Loose cart). - $30

    Shenmue Collector's Edition autographed by Yu Suki. - Offers

    Ferrari F355 Challenge autographed by Yu Suzuki. - Offers

    Blue Shenmue T-Shirt autographed by Yu Suzuki(Framed). - Offers

    Samurai Spirits AES - Import complete with case, instruction manual with baggie and cart. FLawless condition. $50

    World Heroes AES - Cart and case only. $30

    King of Fighters Collection - Sealed - Complete for the Sega Saturn. Outer cardboard box has minor wears due to age. Contents are factory sealed. Comes with King of Fighters 95,96, 97 and the 1MB Ram Cart. $150

    More to come. I'll sort the list a bit when I have some time.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gutsu618 View Post
    Mario Kart Wii - Complete with Cardboard Box, Steering Wheel - $55
    This retails for $49.99, I think? What do I get for my extra $5, dear?

  3. In Stock and ready to Ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutsu618 View Post
    In Stock and ready to Ship.
    Like NewEgg, a reputable company with free shipping that is $5 cheaper?

  6. Not to mention, the wheel hasn't been molested by noob's butthole.

  7. It was out of stock on amazon and going for a little more than retail. He wants the $55 used copies were going for on there without paying the almost 20% amazon commission.
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    But, his prices are fairly reasonable on the rest of the junk. That one does make him look like a cunt though.

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    The fact that he has 21 posts but thinks we want to buy his shit makes him look like a cunt. His overpricing of Mario Kart just gives us a dildo to attack him.

  10. He's nowhere near as cool as the other 617 Gutsus.
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