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Thread: Commodore Amiga

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    Nice. I hadn't seen that before. Looking into it, it's being made by the guys that did Nexuiz which was pretty good for a freeware FPS.

  2. So almost a year later, I finally got around to settinv up UAE4All on my Wiz. I thought I was fucking something up since no games seemed to load up. After some searching, I discovered that this emulator takes just as long to load games as the original hardware. I just wasn't being patient enough.
    So far I've tried Apidya. I like it, but I suck really bad. I tried to try Agony, but after I got a screen saying someone turned into an owl, it went to a (nicely drawn) screen of some clouds and a bird in the background and seemed to hang.
    Also loaded up Dungeon Master, but this emu (from what I've read) lacks a save option, so there's no point.
    I still wanna try The Settlers, D generation, and some others.

  3. I've got Amiga Forever, Kickstart and Workbench images and 3 gig of games but have never attempted to get it all working yet. Looking back at this thread makes me want to.

    Is the emu you're running fairly straightforward to get running?

  4. Yes and no. Once you know what you're doing it is simple enough, but the readmes included with the emu don't tell you much aside from how to set up and install it. The was no help when it came to actually getting a game running. The combination of never using an Amiga before and the lengthy load times made it very frustrating because all I'd get after i loaded a disk was a blank screen. I didn't know if there was anything special you had to do ala commodore 64 to get a game going. Eventually I found a thread on a message board where someone said this particular emu has load times. So I just let the blank screen be blank and after a minute or two the game would start.
    All that said, this emu is for my Gamepark Wiz handheld. For PC most people recommend WinUAE. There should be plenty of How To's available for that.

  5. Great thread, would love to see an Atari ST one if you're up to it, NZ.
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    Thanks. I think I'm done making threads like this, though. The ST does overlap a lot with the Amiga so it's cool if people want to talk about it here.

    I probably mentioned it in the completion thread a while ago but I finally played through Moonstone this year. It was awesome.

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    With all the classic system threads active right now, and the announcement of a new Shadow of the Beast, I figured I would resurrect this thread.

    One awesome game I didn't know until a year and a half or so ago is Super Obliteration. It's a freeware release from 1993 and is basically Buster Bros. meets Asteroids with a Turrican-inspired character. It has a variety of different control variations, too.


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