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Thread: Hello Kitty, Swiiss sport bottles, Snes games and more

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    Chux, I think you need that serpentera. Just a hunch.

  2. FFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Let me go to pax and move into my new house. I'll decide then...

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    I think the garbage sent you a PM, and it sounds like it wants most of this stuff.
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    Shut up Mzo. We can't all waste money on McDonalds. like you

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    Anyone want a brand new Hello Kitty Toaster?

  6. If Josh doesn't already own that I'm guessing he'll want it.
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    He hasn't contacted me yet. Guess he doesn't want it.

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    Cooking Moma - DS - complete - 9.99

  10. I didn't come into the thread because who the fuck wants NES games? Poor title.


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