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Thread: Vanquish

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    Treasure Vanquish

    When this counter reaches zero early Friday morning, Platinum will unveil their fourth game and first since Bayonetta. What makes this announcement specially interesting to me is that this game is being produced by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Please take us back to real horror games on real hardware. With Sega publishing it, I would love to see a Deep Fear sequel, but I realize that is highly unlikely.

  2. God Hand 2!!

  3. I would love to see Deep Fear 2.

  4. One could dream...
    Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  5. I've definitely been more interested to see what Mikami comes up with than Platinum's other games (though I like Bayonetta more than its legacy would have suggested). Platinum is definitely closer to Clover than most offshoot companies are to their originators.

  6. They would have to put Deep Fear in with it. Maybe 10 people besides TNLers have played it. I loved that game.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    God Hand 2!!
    shut up. you shut up.

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    How about a new game that isn't a sequel? I'd like that.

  9. You mean like Bayonetta?

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    Yes. This was more in response to speculation in this thread rather than Platinum's previous games. Even though I wasn't happy with MadWorld, I'm always happy to see a developer do something new.


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