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Thread: You might want to renew the domain name

  1. You might want to renew the domain name

    Registrar of Record: The Planet Internet Services, Inc.
    Record last updated on 03-Feb-2009.
    Record expires on 03-Feb-2010.
    Record created on 03-Feb-1999.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Domain status: clientHold

    The IP address for the site still works, but the domain name itself has expired and it looks like the current registrar already disabled it.

  2. The domain name ain't the only thing that's broke.

  3. So, uh... what can we do about this?

    I got $5 on it.

  4. I renewed it before my last post. No one should be having trouble accessing the site unless there's some of that lame-ass DNS propagation nonsense going on.

  5. I lost it for a few minutes, but all is well now.

  6. by sunrise any dns problems will be sorted, it's already begun on my computer


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