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Thread: lol snow

  1. lol snow

    OK. So there are twenty two inches of snow on the ground right now. There are power lines lying in my backyard, and there is a snow drift covering half of my front door. I'm not going anywhere today.

    This guy is really freaking out about it. It's a facebook link... I can't find a direct link anywhere.

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    What the fuck is that dude's problem? Seriously, how do you replace crab cakes with jumbalia? AND ALL THE YELLING! STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!!!!!

  3. There's barely half an inch of snow here. I think I'm going out and getting some hot chocolate.

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    You would you smelly Mexican.

  5. Sorry it isn't beer.

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    That makes two of us.

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    We have snow flurries today. They are adorable.

  8. Ha, that weather dude is nutso! We had 2 days of rain then some snow last night so it's a slushy mess outside. Nice day to stay in and watch movies.

  9. There is roughly a foot on the ground here. I love watching people not know how to deal with it. All of the adults are always whining about how they hate snow. It's like they forgot what it was like being a kid. I still love it.

  10. This is the first time in ever that a restaurant has closed and given me a day off. I'm laying in bed with my gf and 2 of her friends. Buuuur they're farting.


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