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Thread: Watchmen 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Batman Beyond is in there, too! Is he even considered "canon" or whatever?
    What does canon mean in this context? Penny arcade used it recently in a way I'm unfamiliar with as well.

    Edit: I just googled it.

  2. canon refers to the official back story. When dealing with characters that have been around for seventy years, the origin stories often get changed or updated. So some events or characters may get tossed by the wayside and are no longer considered "canon".

  3. I'd love to meet NES Jason in person, lol. Please help me get to the thing for my birthday!

  4. No Alan Moore, no thanks.

  5. i'll buy the Ozymandias trade.

    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  6. I'm biting.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  7. This is a complete waste of everyone's time. No thanks.

    Speaking by telephone from his home in Northampton, England, Mr. Moore said, I tend to take this latest development as a kind of eager confirmation that they are still apparently dependent on ideas that I had 25 years ago.
    That sounds fair to me.

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  8. Ugh. I don't want to support this, but those are some pretty awesome teams on 'em. In for Rorschach and the Minutemen.

    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    That sounds fair to me.
    Well, it's coming from an industry that's mainly dependent on characters that people created 50-75 years ago. In that sense, it's pretty progressive!
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  9. Image comics today is pretty damn awesome. I don't know how it happened but it did. Chew, Nonplayer, Kirkman's stuff, Luther Strode, Witch Doctor, King City, Prophet, Fatale, Mudman, etc. New stuff from current and new creators. The only reason Marvel/DC are dependent on 50-75 year old characters is because nobody's going to make the mistake Alan Moore did, back in the 80s. The lessons have been learned.



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