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    I am holding a contest for a comic character for my project.


    Me and a three other engineers are building a small electronic device that will allow people to communicate with appliances via their cell phone. This device will let you text message an appliance from anywhere. You will be able to find out if the device is on or off. And you will be able to turn the device on or off.

    If you are on vacation and need to check the iron, YOU CAN DO IT!

    If you want to turn your coffee pot on as you leave work, YOU CAN DO IT!

    If you want to torment your roommates by turning their stuff of while you are at work, YOU CAN DO IT!


    I need a small comic that will fit well on a web page or power point slide. It needs to show a cartoon character texting an appliance to turn it on or off. The cartoon needs to be self explanatory. It needs to be clean and child friendly.

    Anything past that, is up to you. It can be color or black and white.


    First place winner will get $50. If I receive more than 5 entries I will consider doing a second place winner for $25. The winner will be voted on by TNL, but ultimately I reserve the right to choose what picture goes on the final project.

    I reserve the right to end the contest at anytime and no one win anything.


    I would like to have these by midday Tuesday, and let everyone vote Tuesday night and Wednesday. If you can not make this deadline, please do not lose heart. There will probably be another contest in the next two months!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    I am holding a contest for a comic character for my project.
    Fuuuuucccckkkk you. "Contest" = "suck dicks"

  3. What's wrong with contests?

  4. They are for women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Fuuuuucccckkkk you. "Contest" = "suck dicks"
    What do you want me to call it? Yellerdog's amazing money jamboree?

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    Offer to pay somebody straight-up or go to hell, IMO. Instead of one person doing it and getting treated like a professional, have five of 'em nut into a cup so you can pick out the best qualities of each and get all your critical thinking done for you for free?

    I don't mean to stamp down on this because of you, it's just a bullshit behavior clients try to pull out in the real world that needs to be killed on sight.

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    1) I've tried doing it your way. I get quotes like $300+. I don't have that.

    In before "sucks to be me" and "thats what the work is worth nigga."

    I realize that. It still doesn't make money appear.

    I love what everyone can do and I would gladly pay $300+ if I had the cash. It just isn't there.

    2) I've talked to you in the past about paying you straight up, and I always get "wah wah wah, I have SO MANY THINGS TO DO"

    3) This was drew's idea from the last thread. No one had a major problem with it then.

    4) I have brain damage and thought this might be fun for the community. You must forgive me for this brain damage that makes me do these things that upset everyone.

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    I may have to agree with that, but I would like $50. Tomorrow at work I'll try to draw something up.

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    ^^^ 2) Hey, just because I can't do it doesn't mean some else won't. ^^^

    ^^^I am pointing to Pineapple^^^


  10. I want this from a professional but I don't want to pay this for it.


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