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Thread: [PS1/PS2] Namco stick moded

  1. [PS1/PS2] Namco stick moded

    I picked this up awhile ago because I was tired of friends bitching about me being the only one with an arcade stick at fighting game gatherings. I already had an HRAP 2 SA. I bought the Namco stick stock and eventually had it modded out completely with Sanwa parts.

    Stick is Sanwa, buttons are all Sanwa. It was done by a well known stick maker/modder here in Austin, TX.

    The reason I am considering selling it is because about 6 months ago my left wrist started acting up. I haven't bothered to see anyone about it but I have a feeling it's carpal tunnel or a bad case of tendonitis that won't go away. One night playing on the stick means weeks of discomfort and pain. I'm in my 30s now so I'm not too surprised with this. I won't sell the HRAP 2 SA but if the price is right I won't feel too bad about loosing the Namco... my friends can buy their own sticks or play on a pad.

    I paid around $30 or $40 for the stick, I can't remember exactly. The work done on the stick was over $40. So I'm thinking $90 is more than a fair price. I have a feeling shipping will be around $15 but I can find out for sure if you're really interested. I will take trades but they would have to be equal to the value of the stick. I'm always looking for Saturn titles and accessories. I'm in the market for a Genesis + some games. I'm also always looking for Dreamcast stuff.

    Some things to note about the stick:

    The mod is not reversible. The stick had to be custom mounted and the buttons were completely removed from a stationary PCB. The PCB was still used for the Sanwas but lines were soldered from the board to the buttons. Replacing the buttons should be very simple (if ever needed) but it will REQUIRE a soldering iron to do so. The stick has been lightly used since the mod as that is about when the pain in my left wrist started. It has seen maybe 2 fighting game sessions and some light shmup play.

    Namco stick is @ 3:30 in the video.

  2. PMed

  3. Sale pending.

  4. Has been sold.

  5. O god, I am late a bit...
    If you got any other then do inform me...
    I will be waiting for your response...


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