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Thread: Deadly Premonition

  1. Xbox 360 II Deadly Premonition

    For those who don't know, Deadly Premonition ( is a $20 Xbox 360 Survival Horror/Sandbox Title. It was developed by Access Games, who's one other real title was Spy Fiction for the PS2.

    Currently there are two major media reviews, IGN has given it a 2.0(out of 10) and Destructoid has given it a perfect 10.

    From what I understand, the game is survival horror at it's core (mostly Silent Hill like), but has GTA open world elements which includes driving. It should also be mentioned that the game is over 20 hours long.

    I finally found a copy today (came out last week) as my 4 local Gamestops were all sold out. I played about an hour and I'm loving it. The controls are decent (think RE5), the combat balance, the graphics are pretty much last gen (when the development started) and the voice acting is pretty bad. The storyline is totally Twin Peaks like. I'll post more opinions after I've given it time, but I will say, if you like old school survival horror and/or Twin Peaks, get this game.

    Curious if anybody else has played it...

  2. IGNorance is bliss again.

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    I'm inclined to believe IGN, especially after a friend of mine said that this game is worse than Two Worlds.

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    It's region locked, so Ignition can go fuck itself.

  5. I haven't played the game but IGN tends to attach those types of scores to games from tiny developers & publishers that can't retaliate by witholding coverage on BigNameModernWarfareClone #17.

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    Just because a game is by a tiny company doesn't mean that it's some hidden gem. This really does look terrible.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bVork View Post
    I'm inclined to believe IGN, especially after a friend of mine said that this game is worse than Two Worlds.
    If you don't have a tolerance for last gen controls and/or hate Twin Peaks, yes, this game is probably worst than Two Worlds. For me, it brings me back to the days before Capcom/Konami destroyed their franchises.

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    I have been considering picking this up. It sounds like something I want to try for the experience at least. I'm hoping it's this year's equivalent to the last Alone in the Dark game, i.e. flawed but unique enough to still be a misunderstood good game in its own right. I read Deadly Premonition tries to be realistic in some ways (like your beard grows if you don't shave) but is unrealistic in other ways (you play as FBI in Canada?).

  9. I've paid more for worse, that's for sure...
    Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

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